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"Ranunculus" - 24" H x 30" W

"Melody" - 24" H x 30" W

Flowers brighten our spirits and elevate our moods.  They are part of every celebration, and given for every occasion.   My love and enjoyment of flowers is the inspiration for every painting I create.   

​"Soaring" - 24" H x 20" W

"To love beauty is to see light"

                                                  - Victor Hugo

"Art washes away from the soul

      the dust of everyday life."  

                         Pablo Picasso

​​Suzanne Beckstrom
Suzanne was born in England and moved to Canada with her family as a young child.  Her family eventually moved to California, settling permanently in San Diego.          

At a young age, a film on the life and works of Michelangelo ignited Suzanne's passion for art.  Next came formal art instruction, and she was hooked, drawing in every spare moment she could find!  Subsequently, she would attend design school, furthering her love of art and design. 

Suzanne has created silver jewelry, and worked in both pencil and colored pencil. She designed and hand painted tee-shirts, and designed and created hand-dyed silk scarves, working with resist and dyes to complete luxurious and colorful creations.      

Today, Suzanne paints in acrylics on canvas, a medium she finds particularly well-suited to capturing the beauty and vibrancy of colors found in nature.    

​​Pushin' Paint StudIO

Artist Statement

The undeniable beauty of flowers makes them a favorite painting subject of mine.  Flowers compel me to stop, come in for a closer look, capture what I see in macro perspective, and share that intimate view.  I am inspired by the beautiful lines, and vibrant colors of flowers, and find that the bold colors of acrylic paints are especially well-suited to capturing that vision.            

I am sometimes asked about my techniques.  In general, I paint in a straightforward manner, assessing my work as I go.  I do have one technique on which I frequently rely - I photograph my work throughout its creation. Reflecting on the photograph, I am able to gain a little distance from the canvas, a better overall perspective of my work-in-progress.  This helps me see more clearly the direction the piece is taking.    

As an artist, I am inspired by the beauty of the world around me.  My goal with each new painting is to capture the beauty and vibrancy of nature, and create a lasting piece of art that will warm and enliven the environment in which it resides.  One of my customers said to me – “Just looking at that painting makes me smile.”  That says it all!