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I have worked in a number of different mediums in the past, including pencil and colored pencil, silver, in the creation of jewelry, and dyes and resist to create hand-dyed silk scarves and clothing, wearable art.   ​Today my focus is painting on canvas in the acrylic medium.   

"To love beauty is to see light"

                                                  - Victor Hugo

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"Art washes away from the soul

      the dust of everyday life."  

                         Pablo Picasso

Flowers brighten our spirits and elevate our moods.  They are part of every celebration, and given for every occasion.   My love and enjoyment of flowers is my inspiration.   



Artist Statement:

The undeniable beauty of flowers makes them a favorite painting subject of mine.  I am inspired by the beautiful lines, and vibrant colors of flowers, and find that the acrylic medium is especially well-suited to that pursuit.

My paintings are a reflection of something I have seen and felt, and been moved to capture.  Nature, in all it's striking beauty, intensity of color and multitude of intricacies in design, is an endless source of inspiration.